T1S Services - Application Development


Application Development
We have been developing applications for a few years now both hosted in our own cloud network and installed locally at the clients offices. Our desktop & server applications have been developed using the main stream languages of Java and .NET and we have established a strong development cycle which gives clients access to development versions which keeps us in close communication to ensure the application meets client requirements.

Another strong area of development is web applications, this is where we develop a web based application and host it on our own managed services platform. Our main area of expertise is PHP with MySQL. Together these platforms can produce very powerful applications and with the benefit of being hosted on our own infrastructure our clients do not need to worry about anything.

Our last area of development is the fast growing mobile market where we have been very careful, not too head in to this area too quickly without taking the proper time to ensure our applications are safe and secure. But we are now confident we can deliver the same high standards achieved in desktop and web applications in our mobile applications.

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Main Services

Our professional security services provides onsite and remote consultancy for a wide range of products including SIEM platforms.

We can provide desktop & server software solutions either onsite or place any elements of it on our Hybrid Cloud platform for maximum performance, reliability and expansion.

We can enhance and expand your IT network with physical hardware or through virtual transformation. We can also move all of your IT services to our dedicated Hybrid Cloud.

From web sites to core business software, we can host and manage it all. Placing the management of these systems in to our hands so you can concentrate on running your business.