T1S Services - Cloud Definitions

What is Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud?

You will hear those three terms spoken about a lot by the bigger players in the market but what do they actual mean? What is the difference?

Cloud Def

Public Cloud is the most common of the three being the first "cloud" type. An example of public cloud would be most web hosting providers where your website sits on a server alongside other websites, so same hardware multiple clients.

Private Cloud can be the most expensive cloud solution as all the hardware is client specific, its basically moving your IT network to the cloud where you and you alone can access it. There maybe one or two elements that maybe shared such as the main firewall that is used to connect to the hardware, core switches and load balancers.

Hybrid Cloud is where we provide a shared public access route to private servers. A good example for this type is software as a service (SaaS) where the application servers could be private but perhaps the database is shared. Its really down to the client requirements as to which services are public and which is private.

The Benefits of Virtualisation
Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. Around the world, companies of every size benefit from VMware virtualization.

Use T1S Virtual Platform
If you think moving to an in-house virtual platform is not right for you but you still want to have the benefits then you can move to our Hybrid or Private Cloud network. Our technical team will work with you to plan and implement the right cloud solution.
Cloud Transformation

Main Services

Our professional security services provides onsite and remote consultancy for a wide range of products including SIEM platforms.

We can provide desktop & server software solutions either onsite or place any elements of it on our Hybrid Cloud platform for maximum performance, reliability and expansion.

We can enhance and expand your IT network with physical hardware or through virtual transformation. We can also move all of your IT services to our dedicated Hybrid Cloud.

From web sites to core business software, we can host and manage it all. Placing the management of these systems in to our hands so you can concentrate on running your business.