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Help and Support

IT Guidance
When you are a growing company and not yet reached the size where you can support an IT department you can call on T1S to help guide you meet your requirements, think of us as your own IT department, where as well as give guidance will can implement the solutions we offer and if we can't we will find the right team to do it.

At T1S we can offer contractual support agreements and ad-hoc support. All of our support is client free, which means that you are not required to install any software, all you need to get our support is a web browser. (ActiveX controls are installed through the web browser)

Through our support platform you can raise support tickets which can lead to a remote support session where we can watch and take control of your computer and resolve issues.

Main Services

Our professional security services provides onsite and remote consultancy for a wide range of products including SIEM platforms.

We can provide desktop & server software solutions either onsite or place any elements of it on our Hybrid Cloud platform for maximum performance, reliability and expansion.

We can enhance and expand your IT network with physical hardware or through virtual transformation. We can also move all of your IT services to our dedicated Hybrid Cloud.

From web sites to core business software, we can host and manage it all. Placing the management of these systems in to our hands so you can concentrate on running your business.