Bringing Solutions Together

Development Together

Bringing Everything Together
At T1S we understand the need and benefits of having all of your IT working together.

That is why our development cycle is so important to ensure that we capture your requirements and existing IT systems in our design phase which enables us to incorporate these in our efforts to enhance through upgrades or new solutions.

Main Services

Our professional security services provides onsite and remote consultancy for a wide range of products including SIEM platforms.

We can provide desktop & server software solutions either onsite or place any elements of it on our Hybrid Cloud platform for maximum performance, reliability and expansion.

We can enhance and expand your IT network with physical hardware or through virtual transformation. We can also move all of your IT services to our dedicated Hybrid Cloud.

From web sites to core business software, we can host and manage it all. Placing the management of these systems in to our hands so you can concentrate on running your business.