Test Platform Leasing

T1S provides simple to use Test, Demo and Evaluation platforms.

Safe, Secure, Testing, Demonstration and Evaluation Platform.

Our consultants have spent years working on customer projects and the one thing we have noticed is the lack of any type of evaluation or testing environment, which means many companies are making untested changes to their infrastructure.

We have found that our customers are reluctant to make changes to their systems without testing and are unable to test due to a lack of an environment where they can test.

This is where T1S can really help and provide you with an on-demand environment that can be used for testing, demonstration or evaluations.

Some of Our Features

On-Demand Configurable Environment.

  • Secure VPN Access
  • Custom ISO Deployment
  • Custom Network Configuration With Custom Firewall Rules
  • Full Technical Support
  • Windows & Linux Templates Available
  • Old and New OS Versions Available
  • Migration to T1S VPS Environment
  • SIEM/SOAR Evaluations Available
  • Backups Available