WebSite Hosting

T1S provides simple affordable WebSite Hosting.

Safe, Secure, Monitored and Daily Backups.

There are 100's of website hosting providers around the UK which offer useful tools for creating nice websites.

Our hosting platform is primarily used by customers who use our other services, for example when we develop Web Applications these would be hosted on our own platform. What this means is that our hosting platforms are protected and monitored a little more closely than you might expect from other providers. We take regular backups which are not just used by us to restore our service in case of failure but customer can request to have their site and database restored to a previous version.

Why We Are Better Than Most?

All of our customers are treated the same, from those having a single website to those who have twenty websites with us.

Key Features
  • Personal touch, our technical team are on hand to give advice
  • Fast Storage and Fast Network
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • We Use Fair Usage Policy and Not Hard Limits
  • Mailboxes Included
  • All Email Traffic Goes Through Our Email Security Gateway
  • All Hosting Servers are Replicated and Load Balanced
  • Daily Backups as Standard

Advanced Features

Secure Replication and DB Protection.

We are working on a new in-house developed secure file replication technology which will greatly enhance how we can keep your data safe. In addition to replication we are in the early stages of testing our new DB Protection platform which will provide added security and replication to all of our clients databases.