T1S provides both MSP and MSSP services. Managed Services Provider and Managed Security Services Provider.

Our expertise can help take your IT further and add value to your business.

Building, maintaining, upgrading and supporting your IT Server & Desktop infrastructure can be a difficult and expensive exercise. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and keeping up with this can be a challenge. This is where our MSP service can work with your business to help make your IT work for you.

Our MSSP service offers the same as our MSP service but for your network security products. We can also provide a secure event log collection, monitoring and alerting service to help keep your network protected.

MSP Server Technology

Our technical team can provide support and management of your Windows and Linux Server Infrastructure.

Below is a list of some of the areas we can help you with, to find out more about how we can help with your Server technology please contact us.

  • Windows Servers
  • Exchange/IIS/SQL
  • Linux Servers
  • Migrations to our Cloud Virtual Private Server Platform
  • On-Premise Server upgrades
  • Server Securing, Hardening and Patching

MSP Desktop/User Services

Protecting the Desktop and User has never been as important as it is today.

In the current climate its never been so important to protect your users whether they are working from home or in the office. Having a distributed workforce in the office and at home can make supporting them a challenge and can also lead to insecure devices accessing your network.

We can offer support and protection through multiple products and services.

  • Provide Help Desk Services
  • End Point Protection
  • Safe Internet Access


Providing Help Desk services from 1st line to 3rd line can help reduce the strain on your current IT teams. Our End Point Protection services provides your end users with the very latest protection (AV, Malware Scanning, Ransomware Prevention and much more). Safe Internet Access service prevents your staff from going to potentialy harmful websites, ideal for home workers who access corporate networks with personal devices.


MSSP Service

Our Managed Security Services brings you all the benefits of the latest network security tools and monitoring.

We can deliver security tools to help protect your network and more importantly monitor & report on the effectivnes of these services to bring you greater return on investment.

  • On-Premise and Cloud Services
  • Firewalls and Secure Remote Access
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • System Log Managment and Reporting (SIEM/SOAR)
  • E-Mail Security and Protection
On-Premise and Cloud Services

We can provide Managed Security Services into your infrastructure and/or use our own Cloud services which are located in server rooms owned and maintained by T1S employees. We use secure VPN's to connect to devices we manage and any information which is required to be sent to our servers. Customer access to our services is also sent through our VPN solution ensuring that all communication is sent over the most secure method.

Firewalls and Secure Remote Access

The first step to ensuring that your company is secure starts with your firewall and if you provide services that allow your users to use company resources while not in the office, the second step is to provide Secure Remote Access. We have several managed options available which provide you with state of the art technology without the additional overhead of learning and supporting the solution.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Just using a username and password is not enough in today's environment, with risks including compromised passwords where your username and password can be stolen from other less secure sites/services. MFA is not a 100% full-proof solution, however it does provide a much more secure authentication method. We offer our own MFA service which protects our own services and can also provide authentication to your existing solutions both on-premise and 3rd party service providers.

E-Mail Security and Protection

E-Mail is one of the most heavily used methods to breach your network security and steal credentials and business information. This type of breach could also lead to randsomware. Using our secure E-Mail platform could greatly reduce these threats. Even if you use an internal E-Mail server such as Microsoft Exchange you can still take advantage of our service and start protecting your business.

System Log Management and Reporting

The one thing that can bring real value to your business is using our SIEM/SOAR service. Knowing when and how intruders are trying to gain access to your business information from both internal and external locations can greatly improve the security of your network. Our service can also provide standard usage reports which can highlight performance issues and help document where your IT budget is best utilised.