Application Development

T1S provides Application Development for Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops and Servers.

We make your Apps user friendly and secure. Take it one step further and use our Secure Hosting Platform.

IT has gone through a period where most of us use the commercial off-the-shelf software for all of our business needs and the introduction of Cloud services such as Google Apps and Office365 is putting everyone into the same bucket. This is good for many customers but what we are hearing from our customers is that its not flexible enough and every business works a slightly different way. Many can adapt to fit the off-the-helf offering but not all.

What our Application Development service offers is an affordable alternative to off-the-shelf applications, allowing us to bridge the gap between usable, secure software and your business requirements. We will always support, update and develop any application we design and build for our customers.

Small Device Applicaton Development

Smartphone, tablet and cross platform development.

In the digital age we live in, having information at our finger tips is important and developing applications for internal use or to provide services to your customers and partners is vital.

We use a combination of tools and languages which enable our applications to work across Android, Apple and Windows based devices.

Web Based Applications

Providing Secure Affordable Web Based Applications.

Providing information or company resources to 3rd parties or your own employees can sometimes be a challenge. Trying to find the right commercial product that ticks all the boxes or use OpenSource solutions which can sometimes be difficult to deploy and manage. The issue for most of our customers is where the product does not meet requirements. We are able to provide a full Application Development service where we take your requirements through an aggressive agile design/build/test cycle which allows you to see and test components on your new application throughout the project life-cycle.

Desktop Applications

Unlike Web Based Applications, Desktop based Applications are designed to only be used internally. We are seeing a decline in the requirement for custom Desktop Applications and an increase in Web Applications. There are advantages and disadvantages of both Web and Desktop applications and we will work with you and your requirements to bring you the right solution.

Server Hosting

We can provide secure Server Hosting to all of our developed applications. This service is available as we build out the application which enables you to test as we progress the development in a secure non-production environment. Once the application is complete and tested we can migrate to your own infrastructure or we can move the application to our production network ready for you to use.