EAAS (Email As A Service) is an Email solution with a difference. Our solution is built with security at its core, meaning that we take extra steps to ensure your email account is safe and secure. We take regular backups allowing granular restoration of individual emails.

EAAS = Better Security, Better Protection, Better Service.

To expand on the short description above, our service is protected by our in-house:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Email Security in-bound and out-bound - Anti-Spam, Malware & AV Protection
  • Granular Restore Technology
  • Integration with our other hosting solutions

How It Works

EMail Messages

In-bound email messages are first load balanced to our Email Security servers where they are checked against our Anti-Spam, Malware and AV rules. If they pass our checks they are delivered to our Email Server Farm. Any messages that do not pass our checks are placed in Quarantine where our users are emails an hourly list of all messages currently in Quarantine. We provide access to Quarantined emails and our customers can choose to release these emails.

Out-bound email messages are processed in the same way. Emails leaving our Email Server Farm are checked against the same set of rules to ensure that we are not sending out potentially dangerous emails.


OWA (Outlook Web Access) is the web app that can be used from anywhere in the world to access your emails. We use a combination of username, password and OTP (One-Time Code) which is installed on your smartphone to help secure access to this platform. Using a OTC via an app installed on your smartphone is a much more secure way to handle Multi-Factor Authentication than using SMS (Text messages).

EMail Outlook Desktop Application

Most of us would have used Outlook at some point in our working life and its one of the best applications for email. In order to continue with keeping security at the core of all of our hosting services we provide a secure VPN with Multi-Factor Authentication. This requires users to complete one additional step to connect to our EMail servers, which is to establish this VPN connection. For our larger clients we can use a site-to-site VPN, this allows your users to reach our EMail servers without connecting to our VPN when in your offices.

Quarantined EMail

We understand that legitimate EMails can be blocked by our EMail Security platform. There will be an automated EMail sent out every hour detailing any blocked messages with links to release the message. The link will direct you to our Quarantine server which again is protected with Multi-Factor Authentication.