T1S Portfolio


WatchGuard products and consultancy services covering, Firewalls, WiFi, Multi-Factor Authentication and End-Point Defence through Panda.


Citrix products and consultancy services to help deliver Citrix Secure Web Gateway, Hypervisor (XEN Server), Virtual Apps and Desktop and Workspace Environment Management

Micro Focus

Software group Micro Focus is the UK's biggest listed technology company, offering a wide range of products and solutions. T1S is able to offer both products and services primarily focusing on Security, but as a Gold Partner we are able to offer services covering Application Dellivery Management, IT Operations Management, Information Management & Governance and Vertica. Visit our dedicated section to Micro Focus to learn more.

Security Consulting

Providing security consultancy covering Firewalls, Mult-Factor Authentication, Switches, Virtualisation. Not just the products we sell but we cover a wide range of technologies.


Our Managed Services can greatly improve your current IT perfromance by enhancing what you already have and allowing T1S to take over some or all of the management of your infrastructure. Our Managed Security Services offering can be used to manage your security products both on-prem, in the cloud or help you to migrate to our Cloud services. Your Cyber Security and End-Point Protection can all be handled by T1S

SIEM/SOAR Consulting

Our experience over multiple commercial and OpenSource SIEM & SOAR products ideally places us to provide the best and most comprehensive consultancy in the market. We have skills and experience to take your requirements from design through to deployment and support. We are able to train your technical teams on all areas of analytics and management, plus you can take full advantage of our MSSP offerings.

Email As A Service (EAAS)

EAAS from T1S comes in two offerings.

One: We provide you with Email mailboxes using some of the latest technologies with anti-spam, malware and anti-virus protection. Granular restore services, allowing us to restore individual emails back to your mailboxes. Access to emails on any Android, Windows or Apple device or via a standard web browser. All protected by Multi-Factor Authentication.

Two: Use of our Email Security Gateways where all of your inbound and outbound emails go through our services. This provides Email protection as well as protecting your own Email servers by removing the need to allow public access to them.

Authentication As A Service (AAAS)

AAAS from T1S can add valuable Muti-Factor Authentication to almost any product you have, either on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

Protect your resources with password that change on every login, making it harder for hackers to gain access to your business resources and information. Add AAAS to public RDP, SSH or web servers using our easy to follow instructions. Use our self-service gateways to easily manage and maintain your users and start protecting your services with more than just static passwords.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS from T1S offers some key differences to our competition. Virtual Console Access, which allows you to install using your own ISO images and placing boot-up encryption passwords onto your virtual server.

Management access is via secure VPN meaning we dont need to make your virtual server available to the world. If you dont require any public access at all we can secure all your acces via our Multi-Factor Authenticated VPN access.

Fully Managed Firewall, we secure all access to your virtual server via our own Firewalls, so we only allow the traffic you want.

Software/App Development

Use our highly skilled and experienced software development team to create the perfect Application for you. Wheather this is for your mobile workforce, customers, internal use or a combination of all of these, we can develop the right software for you. We are also able to host your Applications on our own in-house dedicated hosting platform.

WebSite Hosting

We have been hosting WebSites for over 15 years and we try to offer simple, easy to understand packages, which is why we only have one package with a fair usage policy. We use our own internally developed replication technology which allows us to better load balance between all of our hosting platforms. We take daily backups of all WebSites and databases, not just for our own service protection but also to allow our customers to restore this data in case of accidental deletion of data.

Test Platform Leasing

Through our own projects and the previous projects of our consultants we have noticed that many businesses have a lack of a testing environment. This has lead us to develop a secure environment which we can lease out to customer on-demand. You can install a small replication of your production environemnt and test anything you want. We can also provide you with different networks to ensure this is a true reflection of how your business network operates.

We also use this same environment to allow customers to evaluate products and services and we provide training services (course labs) all protected via a secure VPN.