Hi, we are T1S

T1S is a team of IT Security Experts bringing you innovative IT, Security, Application and Hosting solutions that combine captivating design and flawless functionality in our every project.

We are a provider of IT services for companies all over the UK. We offer on-premise & managed services and we can host all our services with our own platform in our own server rooms at affordable, consistent rates.

Individual Approach

We understand that in this changing world not all businesses are the same and should not be trated that way. We provide solutions that grow with you and give you valuable return on investment.

Qualified Employers

T1S is a team of technical sales specialists, architects, security experts and dedicated support teams, who are ready to bring you a personalised solution to fit your requirements.

Online Business Support

Our dedicated support team is available via online/phone/email when you need us the most to answer your every question and help you solve any issue you may have with our products and services.

Right Solution For You

We provide a variety of solutions to fit your requirements. With our own hosting service, you can have any type of server, service or application available via both public and private secure access.

Our History

What started as a small team of web design enthusiasts eventually became a huge project evolving lots of experts in IT consulting, UX, design, and web development and programming from all over the world. Here’s the story of us and our company.

We gathered the team of dedicated and knowledgeable IT specialists

Before we founded Effective, we extended our team with young, talented, and promising experts in information technologies. This eventually allowed us to reach amazing results.

Integrating innovations into our solutions

In 2014, we changed the strategy of providing IT services worldwide and decided to concentrate on integrating innovations into our products and services.

We start cooperating internationally

We united our forces with several European IT companies to improve the quality of our services and make them available to a bigger amount of customers in Europe.


Our team not only provides great IT consulting services and web design, we also work on a variety of business, web and social projects that make the life of our clients and community better.

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