Protect your business operation and revenue streams

- anticipate disruption, withstand attacks, recover rapidly and adapt to new threats - if you are a small start-up or multinational, ensure your Business is covered by T1S’s bespoke and flexible Cyber Security and Secure Cloud Solutions

One Cyber Security

T1S is a team of IT Security Experts bringing you innovative and flexible Cyber Security protection.

You only need to search the BBC website for “Cyber Attacks” to see how this is a growing problem.  It is no longer just large organisations that are targets and now we need to work together to protect our IT.   

Using a combination of several products we can help to protect your IT.

WatchGuard Firewalls provide next generation protection for both inbound and outbound connections.  Giving you a safer internet browsing experience.

Protect your EndPoints (Laptops, Servers, Phones and Tablets) with Panda 360.  Phones and Tablets are often seen as an easy target and sometimes forgotten about when it comes to Cyber Security.

Using Multi-Factor authentication can provide an alsmot unbreakable security measure, giving you a password that changes every 60 seconds.    

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We can provide you with our full suite of products and services or individual ones to suit your own requirements.

Our full suite will provide coverage for many of the Cyber Essentials requirements.

One Secure Workspace provides an alternative to using Cloud Apps by delivering a full private and dedicated Windows desktop experience.

Protected by our secure multi-factor authenticated VPN service.

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme through the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) designed to help businesses stay cyber secure.


What Makes Us Different?

We provide IT services and solutions which are centred around Cyber Security protection. When we join together our extensive Cyber Security experience with SMB services we provide a unique offering.  

We host all of our solutions in our own data centre meaning that we can be flexible and fit around customer requirements.