One Secure Workspace

One Secure Workspace, provides a secure and encrypted Virtual Workstation which you treat as your own desktop, we have Microsoft Office pre-installed and can provide any application you would usually use on your own device.

When growing your business productivity is key and while Cloud services from Microsoft and Google are important, using a "lite" version of Office tools can limit how you work.  

We are simply offering a more secure alternative to Microsoft and Google cloud services, that provide fully featured office tools.

What many people dont understand is that services such as O365/M365 and Google Workspace are not true Cloud Computing Services, you can test this yourself by watching the amount of your device resources are being used up as we can show you below.

How is One Secure Workspace from T1S Different to Other Common Cloud Services

1. The total amount of Memory used will be around 180MB, much lower than O365 as shown below

2. Give or take 10% this wont change, not matter the workload

3. Full versions of MS Office Applications - no restrictions

4. Secure encrypted VPN

5. Access your files with no internet connection


Why compromise on MS Office features. Store your files on our platform and access them without an internet connection* 

Our platform paves the way to further enhance your business operations. We dont limit you to just MS applications, as your business grows and you need additional software solutions these can be made available as a managed service and access using your existing connections to T1S.

* Offline file access is available using Windows OS and mapped drives (not available on mobile devices) 

You can see a full breakdown comparison here.

One Secure Workspace - Cloud Statistics

Using the Windows Task Manager, we are able to track the amount of system resources being used up by specific services, such as cloud services.

One Secure Workspace vs O365

Apps Running  T1S Resources O365 Resources
1 180MB 141MB
2 180MB 608MB
3 180MB 766MB
4 180MB 934MB