One Secure Backup

In a time where we depend so much on digital information, from individual files on your computer to complex applications, you have to ask yourself the question: What happens if I lose that data!

Whether you are keeping your data in the cloud (O365 or Google) or on local resources such as laptop or network storage, you still need to take regular backups.

The IT industry has a standard for taking backups, 3 copies of your data, on 2 different storage media and 1 copy kept off-site.

Cloud services from Microsoft or Google will only provide protection from “Infrastructure Failure”, such as server hardware. They do not backup your data.

Our managed Backup Services provides many of the requirements for you to gain Cyber Essentials certification.

One Secure Backup - How Can You Benefit

We can provide you with 2 copies of your data one in our primary datacentre’s dedicated encrypted storage network and one copy in our secondary datacentre’s dedicated encrypted storage network. (That’s your data backed up to two different off-site locations).

Data loss can be caused by:

Accidential Deletion, External Cyber Threats, Internal Threats, Infrastructure Failure, Configuration Errors 

We run a comprehensive Veeam backup solution hosted and managed by T1S. What this means for our customers is that we can:

  • Backup your on-premise, O365, Google and AWS data. Comply with Cyber Essentials and UK GDPR standards
  • Store your backups encrypted across our sites.
  • Create bespoke backup solutions tailored to your requirements.
  • Provide fully managed and self-managed options. The agent that is installed on your computer can be used to backup and restore when and what you need to.