WatchGuard Products From T1S

T1S is proud to be a Gold Partner with WatchGuard, offering our clients Network and Wi-Fi security, Multi-Factor Authentication and End-Point Protection.

The world of cyber security is changing almost every day, meaning the protection of your company network and users needs to adapt along with it. WatchGuard is one of the few who can provide solutions to cover every entry point into your network and all your users who are working from home.

WatchGuard will now be able to offer a full portfolio of user-centric security products and services for protecting people, devices, and the networks they connect to from malicious websites, malware, spam, and other targeted attacks. With offerings for businesses and consumers alike, Panda Security brings advanced endpoint protection, sophisticated threat hunting services, and more to the WatchGuard portfolio

We establish a relationship with all of our clients, and we feel it is our responsibility to help them grow and get the best value from their existing IT infrastructure and future enhancements.

Consultancy Services

From advice on which products meet your needs, to full design and deployment. We are able to offer you a complete service.

Our technical team have years of experience in design as well as deployment of WatchGuard products. We feel that our expertise in other areas of IT security provides us with a greater understanding of customer networks and are better placed to ensure that your WatchGuard products fit in to your wider IT strategy.

Managed Services

We know that taking on a new Firewall Security device can be a technical challenge.

Taking on a totally new product or new features, we know this can take time for your technical team to get up to speed on how to use it. This is why we can offer both a full managed service, where T1S will manage all aspects of the new product and also a transitional managed service, where we gradually give you more control over the product until your team are confident enough to take over full management.


MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) takes Managed Services to the next level, providing you with real-time monitoring of your network and devices to ensure you stay protected.

We can provide you with a managed log monitoring service where you also have access. This can allow you access to the information you need on a daily basis while our technical team continue to monitor for security threats and apply all of our latest threat intelligence to help keep your network safe.

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